Geodetic track surveying

New service:

To check compliance with specified tolerances, RSV has been determining transverse dimensions, position and height, i.e. the internal geometry of the superstructure, since 1994. These results describe the steadiness, ride comfort and wear of the objects in form of a spatial curve as "experienced" by the vehicles. For the evaluation of the absolute position and location in space, a geodetic survey of the external geometry is required, which is determined by main axle points with coordinates and geometric alignment elements between neighbouring points (DB Ril 883).

The results of geodetic surveying are required in the field of track construction and maintenance work, among other things for

  • As-built survey and documentation
  • Staking out track and switch systems
  • Pre- and post-measurement of tamping work
  • Minimum clearance outline measurements
  • Assessment of clearance outline constrictions ...

In addition to pre-measuring with the GEDO CE, we are able to carry out a wide range of surveying services around the track.

Track surveying

  • Classic longitudinal and transverse profile measurement
  • Track measurement with GEDO Rec
  • Creation of data sets for control of tamping machines
  • Carrying out acceptance measurement according to Ril 883
  • MessReg Switch inspection according to Ril 821.2005
  • Preparing of slab track installation with GEDO CE according to Ril 883
  • CAD system for creating and editing of as-build drawings

Engineering survey

  • Development of track geometry projects for new and existing railway installations
  • Track and switch staking Ril 883
  • Geodetic fixed point field control Ril 883
  • Documentation of encroachments (extensions) into the clearance gauge (narrow sections) in accordance to Ril 883
  • Drawing of site plans
  • Control and evidence measurements
  • Geometrically correct levellings

For the tasks of measuring, recording and analysing the track position as well as for
construction and maintenance applications, we have this equipment:

  • Trimble GEDO CE 1.0- consisting of tachymeter and prism trolley (gauge 1435)
  • Trimble Robotics Total Stations S8 and RTS633
  • Trimble DiNi - digital levelling devices
  • Trimble TSC3 Remote Control / Tablet PC Panasonic FZ-G1
  • Mephisto laser fixed point meter
  • Track and switch geometry measurement Vogel&Plötscher MessReg and CDM, Krabbe
  • Various software applications e.g. field software from Trimble such as GEDO Track Survey, GEDO Office 2 (GEDO Rec, GEDO Vorsys, GEDO Tamp), Vestra Seven, BricsCAD
  • Transport vehicles VW Multivan

Contact and information:
E-Mail: Heiko BÖTTRICH
+49 173 964 5601