Current software version 4.0

With the update to 4.0,® has been completely reprogrammed to extend its core functionality to the entire infrastructure.
Here are some new features:

  • to manage the entire rail infrastructure, provides new feature types for all departments:
    • traction power supply,
    • catenary,
    • signalling & telecommunications technology,
    • stops, stations,
    • civil works, structures.
  • uniform layout for all object types
  • improved central administration (during installation and maintenance ...)
  • stability and speed improvements
  • full support of touch screens with digital keyboard
  • traceability of individual objects, with regard to installation location and use
  • interface to the current measuring device software MessProfi® from Vogel & Plötscher

Contact and information:

E-Mail: Mario RAINER
+49 6502 98790-28