Software functions

Special features

With each release change, the area of application of® is considerably extended by functions for the technical management of the maintenance of track networks, for example:

  • RailMap, an interactive schematic plan for the representation of all, or part of a network with bi-directional database connectivity,
  • Integrated GIS-Viewer, with underlying maps and satellite images as an orientation and positioning tool,
  • warranty and lifespan management,
  • measurement of the wear margin (Kennziffer Abnutzungsvorrat KAV),
  • Maintenance and inspection management,
  • Fault management,
  • maintenance calendar for the overview of schedules,
  • Order management with interface to SAP / PM,
  • Specifications module (GAEB format)
  • etc.

RailMap and GIS-Viewer commands the presentation of dynamic segmentation as required by the IDMVU norm, with which line elements can be attributed more than once without influencing the xy coordinates of the corresponding line elements. The designs and condition information of the track can be mapped exactly to proportion. With the help of warranty management, claims can be identified and secured timely. Even the lifespan management offers decisive advantages in the estimation, prognosis and monitoring of the economic lifespan – in other words, the memory of the system.

With the integrated GIS-viewer function, the user has access to extensive geoinformation.® assists the user in determining the location and position.

Contact and information:

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