Inspection of point objects (switches, signals, masts)® uses the raw data of the digital measuring system MessReg® (manufacturer: Vogel&Plötscher, Breisach) to generate fully-formatted Excel documentation as well as summary evaluations from the measurement results of all inspected turnouts.

In addition to technical measurement reasons, the scope of® includes a standardized module for the structured acquisition of inventory data.® has the functionality of an expert system for the efficient and ergonomic detection of point objects (switches, crossings, masts, signals, structures, etc.) for visual condition recording.

The user is interactive supported with defined checklists during the inspection. Pre-defined and coded wear conditions (defect code) and their suitable repair measure (repair code) cut down the input effort enormously, as the inspektor makes his selection directly from the drop-down list on the touchscreen. The direct context to the test object reduces the effort of selecting the right content to the extent that no searching is necessary.

For condition detection, only a minimal amount of time is required. Sophisticated dialogue ensures that nothing important is overlooked. The integrated plausibility check prevents any possible incorrect operation.

The evaluation and classification of faults is determined in advance in consultation with the railway operator and linked 1:1 with the fault code of®. The examiner automatically accepts the fault class during the assessment of the faults. This brings the visual inspection very close to an objective assessment. Digital photos can be directly assigned to objects and faults during the inspection to highlight important faults. Despite the structure and specifications of content, a certain amount of flexibility during input is ensured – for example, additional comments may be entered at any time. During the condition assessment, the examiner benefits from the results of the last inspection, which are shown in red.

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