Asset management

Infrastructure maintenance has an extraordinary influence on the substance of the facilities during the entire period of use. With a focus on the long-term maintenance of the facilities substance, RSV has developed a truly holistic infrastructure management (asset management) through strategic efficiency optimisation.

We offer you this asset management that is freely scalable and tailored to your needs. Either as a comprehensive all-in-one solution or individual services and tools. Everything is also available as ready-to-work or helping people to help themselves - just as you want it:

  • Temporary asset manager: our track specialists organise your maintenance cycle
  • Inspection & analysis: measurement, visual inspection, action identification and prioritisation
  • Digitisation of rail networks: Inventory with geodata and inspection documents
  • Maintenance planning and control: Asset Management Software ( . cloud . app)
  • Determination of the substance of the railway objects: Measurement of wear stock (KAV, SAX)
  • Maintenance service: operational for points, tracks and outdoor signalling installations (LST)
  • Wheel/rail system service: Interaction analysis, transverse dimension table and wheel profile optimisation

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