Signalling services

for outdoor facilities

Implementing and maintenance of turnouts are multifunctional tasks, as several departments are involved at different times and must be coordinated. It is not uncommon for a delayed partial service to disrupt the entire planning chain in the long term, even though it is only of a secondary scope.
Therefore, multidisciplinary operational teams bring an enormous advantage for a successful project process and good output results.

RSV has strengthened its operational turnout service to include control and safety technology for external interlocking systems (track closures, turnout drives, signalling systems, barrier drives) and electrical equipment for ancillary railway systems and offers the following range of services:

  • Superstructure and collateral activities (dismantling / assembly of signalling technology)
  • Turnout assembly / turnout acceptance / turnout implementing
  • Switch retrofitting / shutdown
  • Installation, maintenance and repair EOW Technik
  • Cable assembly / cable measuring work
  • Measuring and testing work
  • Supply assistants for acceptance tests
  • Electrical grounding and meshing work
  • Supply of signalling equipment and spare parts
  • Maintenance and inspection using SIG RMI and DB Ril 892 (EBO, BOStrab)
  • Installation and maintenance of electrical turnout heating systems

Among other things, we have setting measurement technology, machines and equipment:

  • Turnout and track measurement technology
  • Turnout operating technology (locks and deflection rods)
  • Switch blade straightening technique (autogenous and mechanical)
  • Setting force measuring devices for points
  • Equipment for Tiefenbach EOW, Austroroll, Schwihag
  • Rail machine tools ...

The following techniques and equipment can be operated by our staff:

Outdoor facilities:

  • Point locks, point machines, interlocking
  • Return switches, Siemens return spring
  • End position detector
  • Track lock, derailer
  • Permanent fasteners
  • Signals

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