Deutsche Bahn uses new maintenance software

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‘The DB maintenance plant in Krefeld (photo: DB AG)

DB vehicle maintenance GmbH in Krefeld

The Krefeld plant, founded in 1892, has adapted the infrastructure and range of skills to the challenges of modern electric multiple units in local and long-distance transport. The focus is on heavy maintenance – i.e. general inspections and revisions. In addition, the plant specializes in accident repairs of aluminum rail vehicles and customer-specific refits. Around 1,000 highly motivated employees quickly put the vehicles back on the rails with their well-founded specialist knowledge and a lot of fun in the interesting work. On an area of 200,000 m² – which corresponds to 28 soccer fields – electric multiple units for long-distance and local traffic are repaired and modernized.
In the future, DB will use the® software to maintain the extensive track systems in the Krefeld plant.

Maintenance software®

High level of transparency for railways

In the maintenance of rail infrastructure, the quality of information is a key factor. On the basis of information, far-reaching and irreversible decisions must be made.

If the responsible persons have reliable, up-to-date information at the right time, the chances of making the right decisions increase exorbitantly. An optimization of the planning, control and implementation of maintenance can only be achieved on the basis of a reliable digital copy and mapping of reality with so-called information systems.

Modern information systems actively support the management of rail networks. This allows, for example, for the qualified data capture of sites and inventory. These systems also document and evaluate as well as actively support the processes of inspection, maintenance and repair. Monitoring and control of scheduled jobs, such as revisions, inspections, and warranty durations also form part of modern information systems.® offers the best results of all rail infrastructure software products available on the market:

  • transparent information
  • high acceptance of users
  • reliable illustration of reality
  • efficient data acquisition and management

Turn a sea of data into data you can see
Visualisierung, oder wie aus Daten, Taten werden