Turnouts Service

Comprehensive repair for turnouts in vignol and grooved rails.

As a result of their interface to signalling, grinding and welding technology turnouts cause costs that are up to 4 times higher compared with normal track. These parameters necessitate complete solutions, including interface management.

Switches & crossings are of particular significance as sources of disturbances within track facilities. Expert maintenance of these components requires broad-based technical knowledge that is normally spread over various technical areas. The required work procedures are also more complex.

Consequently, we offers comprehensive repair for turnouts made of non-grooved rails and grooved rails. All necessary work is carried out by efficient teams in a technically sensible and thus economic sequence. Competently and quickly.

Your advantages at a glance:

  •  Reduction in maintenance costs
  • Increased availability thanks to the bundling of operations (one operation instead of four)
  • Simplified project implementation thanks to the absence of interfaces
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